Sunday, May 6, 2012

AAR - Gruntz: 15mm Scifi

My colleague over at Metal Skirmish has put up a brief narrative AAR of a Gruntz game we played: 

It was an entertaining game.  We played a counter-attack scenario from Flames of War just to give us a fresh look at deployment zones and objectives.  Basically, I started in 1 corner defending 1 objective and there was another objective in the opposite corner.  My opponent started in one of the corner between the two objective corners.  

We played 125 points which feels a bit small, especially if you have 2 vehicles like my opponent.  Dropping 30+ pts each into 2 models left him way behind on model count.

He had 2 squads of Gruntz w/ a unit attachment LMG + an APC and a tricked-out medium tank (+ his leader).  

For the same amount of points, I had a heavy tank (actually cheaper than his medium tank, as I took fewer/less exciting weapons and no Modz), 3 squads, 1 with a flamethrower attached, a scout walker (using the specialist rules) and an immobile artillery piece (+ a leader).  I gave all of my troops the Long Runner Perk, giving them extra move in the open.  This turned out to be really handy I was able to rapidly redeploy the squad with the flamethrower rapidly to the statue on the hill and take out the Kontrol squad sent that way.  

The artillery piece was effective, but odd.  With a max range of 18", it's not quite as long-ranged as you would expect and if anything gets within 9", it can't fire at them, making it really tough to use right.  However, when it does get to fire, it's very powerful, as it will likely hit a number of things with a pretty powerful impact.  

I liked the stats I put together for the Merka.  For 42 points, it was very resilient and a solid anti-armor unit.  

The most effective thing was probably the flamethrower, however, especially with Long Runner.  In a game where it is uncommon for 1 figure to be able to kill more than one opposing figure in a turn, being able to drop a template and hit multiple guys with just 1 figure is awesome (we played that you still had to roll to hit everyone under the template.  Unsure if this was correct).  

In any case, another fun game; the narrative Scorpio put together on his blog really helped put it together.

Just musing here, but looking at the desert terrain I've now got, it wouldn't be much of a stretch to rock some 15mm Dune...hmmmmmm.

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