Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Smack Down! Pulp City Supreme Edition Battle Report

Hi everyone,

The gang at Pulp Monsters are coming into the home stretch with their Supreme Edition Pulp City Kickstarter and Aaron and I wanted to walk you all through a battle report with the goal of enticing you to GIVE THEM ALL YOUR MONEY.  Check it out:

This is June Summers, reporting for PC22, Pulp City's #1 news station.  The past day brought another clash of Supremes to our streets.  It's not clear what drove these two bands into conflict today, but the damage inflicted by their battle on our fair city.  Let's go to the video:

Today's Smack-Down featured two level 6 teams intent on beating each other into submission (we fought until all of one team was eliminated and skipped the finer details of Pulp City games like Agendas and other, more complex scenarios.

For the Heroes, Aaron ran a Blood Watch team, comprising:

  • Sgt. Bale - Bale, a level 2 Brawler, uses the power of a dragon he defeated to smite his enemies.  He gets to pick an opponent to start the game--he gets bonuses against this target and a general bonus against all opponents after taking his target out (he picked Boreas)
  • Blood Rose - BR a level 1 Support, is an expert at moving her team around the battlefield via alternate dimensions. She can also heal Supremes.
  • Six Feet Under - 6FU, a level 3 dead-but-now-not-dead Powerhouse, brings the pain with his shovel. He generates 3 power-up dice a turn and can activate twice in a row if he inflicts enough EFX.
I ran four Villains, including one Hero/Villain:
  • Boreas - Boreas, a level 2 Blaster, is an ancient wind spirit who enjoys shredding innocents.  He's highly effective against other flyers and can really shift Supremes and objects around the battlefield.
  • Hellsmith - HS, a level 2 Brawler, is a good mix of debuff and AOE damage.  He's a tough customer.
  • Xenobi - X, a level 1 Support, looks small, but packs a wallop and brings some fun debuff abilities (note: we did not use any minions in this game, which is one of Xenobi's strengths normally).
  • Kity Cheshire - Kitty is a level 1 Speedster who teleports around the board.  She's a utility Supreme, and can deal damage, debuff and shift opponents around as needed.

We line up 18" apart from one another and move to turn 1.
Villains, ATTACK!
Blood Watch, let's go to work!

Turn 1: Heroes win the Mind Roll and have the Villains move first.
Both teams begin moving up to the right of the 2-story building.  Kitty BAMFs to the roof, while Boreas flanks over toward the Crate.  6FU charges straight toward the Villains, while BR and Bale are a bit more cautious.  X and HS move to take the fight to the Heroes.

In terms of Action, HS launches a Cleave at 6FU, but fails to get inflict any Knockback via EFX.  Xenobi uses Ka-Boom to inflict 3 damage on 6FU and knock himself back to a safer location, while Boreas chucks a stray desk at Bale for a point of damage, despite a gang of extra dice (larger base, high ground, Blaster).

Boreas makes the first move
While the rest of the gang advances 

The Powerhouse comes around the corner

You want a piece of me, windy???

The stage is set...for CARNAGE!


Bale...I have a surprise for you...

Desk to the face!
Turn 2: Heroes win Mind Roll and elect to go first.

6FU goes right to work, charging into HS and unleashing a Power Smash.  The attack inflicts enough EFX to trigger a second activation for the Powerhouse, so he brings an encore...AN ENCORE OF PAIN!  At the end of the turn's first activation, HS is left with just 2 HP.  BAM, POW indeed.

This is not going to end well for the Smith from Hell.

Clash of Brutes!

Recognizing a great opportunity, Boreas then moves into the midst of the Heroes and activates Blood Wind.  This large pulse attack damages and moves all the targets it successfully hits.  He deals 2 damage each to BR and Bale, spreading them out, and then I roll the following against 6FU: 
That would be four Trump EFX
5 damage later, 6FU still has something like 8 left. Bloody Powerhouses!

Large-scale shifts like Blood Wind are some of my favorite abilities.  Board control is everything!
The rest of the turn saw Bale Flame Striking Boreas for a couple of damage, and HS and X whiffing on 6FU with Power Smash and Ka-Boom, respectively (2 Smashes for HS...).

Turn 3: Villains win the Mind Roll and go first.

With his trademark evil grin, Boreas moves slightly and calls on another Blood Wind.  He succeeds in killing BR, dispatching the Alien back to her own dimension.  However, the true targets of the attack, Bale and 6FU, are unharmed, as Boreas manages to tie both of them.  Since all three are Mystery in origin, the defender wins ties.  Curses!

Predictably, Aaron activates 6FU next, who does what he does: SHOVELS! Violently.

6FU starts by moving between X and HS and uses Buried Alive, killing HS and gravely wounding X.

I'm taking you down, HS!
He then gets to activate again, as he did sufficient EFX to HS, so he steps around X to hit both him and Kitty with a second Buried Alive, taking out the tiny mutant and bringing the planar walker to the brink.  6FU is not to be f*&#d with.
Really, don't f*@# with me.
Kitty moves to attack Bale, but misses.  Bale then returns the favor with Bale Fire, taking her down.
Give my regards the White Rabbit, Demon! 
Turn 4: Villains win Mind Roll, electing to go first.

We reach an interesting situation, as both sides now only have 2 AP (2 from Boreas and 2 from Bale).  Boreas can no longer summon the necessary AP to use Blood Wind, and Aaron has to choose between really only using Bale or 6FU to any effect.  If I can take out Bale, Aaron will have generate no AP, ending the game and giving me the victory.  

Boreas takes the chance to throw some crates at Bale, almost killing him.

However, moving into Turn 5, 6FU eventually gets close enough and uses his Shovel to great effect once again, finishing the Wind Demon.

Victory to the Blood Watch!

WHACK!  Apparently the only thing more important than board control is sheer, unadulterated violence.
This was a pretty even game, and was highly entertaining, even without agendas or a more complex scenario (or minions!).  It was great to see the interplay between the different Roles.  Aaron was hurting for AP once BR dropped, and Boreas could not take advantage of his best ability once his compatriots were defeated.  Team-building is key!

And there you have it.  I hope you enjoyed this report and are now ready to back the Kickstarter for Pulp City Supreme Edition!

I'll happily answer any questions I can in comments.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Guest Postin' - WWPD

Hey look!  I wrote a guest post on WWPD:


Thursday, August 1, 2013

WWPD Overlord Game - 29th ID Surrounded!

Hello everyone.

I finally got around to playing a game for WWPD's Overlord Campaign against Aaron.  I took the unstoppable 29th ID Rifle Company against his dastardly Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers.

My list was something like:
HQ with Bazookas
2x Full Rifles, 1 pioneer with Flamethrowers
1x Short Rifle
Full Mortars
5 Shermans
Towed TDs
Full Engineer Combat Platoon
Cav Recce
3 Priests
Limited Air

The Panzergrenadiers were:
2x Full Gepanzerte Panzergrens
3x AA Trucks
4x SS Tigers
(That's it!)

We rolled up Surrounded, clearly representing a company from the 29th who'd pressed forward into a salient in the push on St. Lo, becoming cut off.

I deployed in the center as directed, dropping a full platoon on each objective, along with the engineers on one.  The other objective was supported by the Shermans, while the artillery park was in the wheat along one edge on the board.  The third rifle platoon was held back a bit in reserve.

The board

Recce Move!

After taking my recce moves, Aaron rolled out over a couple of turns, as I dug in and held tight.

 Getting closer!

Eventually, the Tigers came to grips with my engineers, assaulting them back towards the objective.

Prepping the assault.

The aftermath

Meanwhile, his AA moved on my other objective, but were swiftly dealt with by the Shermans.


Recognizing that the Gemans were going for broke on the far objective, so I moved to commit my Shermans and reserve platoon to the fight.

This seemed like a good plan, until the Tigers zeroed in and smoked all four of the tanks on the hedgerow in one round.  Yay!

Moving along in the report, the Germans needed to now push another rifle platoon off to secure the objective.  As the Tigers rumbled in, I was able to bail one with defensive fire.  The assault then decisively turned my way, somehow, popping 2 more Tigers.  Nevertheless, I was still off the objective and had 1 turn to break his company.

Can Openers at work.

Thankfully, my Priests had finally moved into position and their Breakthrough Guns went to work, breaking the PzG platoon in the wheat above.  The mortars and rifle platoon managed to (BARELY) break the other PzG platoon.  Aaron's CiC tried to hold them steady, but he ran as well, giving me the game.

It was close -- 4-3 29th.  

Aaron's luck was pretty bad, especially in that Tiger assault.  Surrounded is a fun scenario overall, but can definitely have some lulls.  The one thing I really hated was my use of the Towed TDs.  I think, in this scenario, you really need to put them on the board immediately; the opponent can get within 16" far too quickly.  My TDs never even saw the board.

See you next time!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Mighty Armies!

Last year at Historicon we all jumped into 15mm Fantasy pretty heavily.  I picked up goblins, one friend got Dark Elves, and another Leonines.  Most of the figs we've assembled come from Rebel Minis and Splintered Light.

Well, it's been nearly a year and we finally all got enough figs put together or somewhat painted to play a game.

We ran a three-way brawl, with last-stand-standing winning.

My 40 pt list was something like:
6 Light Infantry with 'Fast'
3 Light Cav with 'Mobile'
3 Light Archers

My opponents had a mix of cavalry and heavy infantry, and even a witch.

Scorpio should have a post with better photos up soon (EDIT: and here it is http://metal-skirmish.blogspot.com/2013/05/mighty-armies-first-game.html), but in the mean time, crappy phone photos!

Archers and the General moving around one flank towards the Leonines

Leonine Heavy Cavalry making their way toward my lines

The same group from my side

The game itself was a blast.  My cavalry quickly found themselves overextended and turned into kittie litter.  The Leonines eventually took that high hill, and paid for it via the Dark Elves' attention.  My remaining troops engaged some Dark Elf infantry and even managed a stunning upset, routing a couple of stands and killing his witch.  In the end, my General, who'd been hanging out with the archers, eventually made his way to the fight and proceed to butcher the surviving enemy stands.  

It's a solid, fun set of rules that gets your figs running around and killing each other in no time flat.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marsupial Garden - Huzzah Hobbies 1500 Point Tournament

On Saturday the 13th, I made it out to Huzzah Hobbies for the I-95 Market Garden tournament (lists only from Market Garden or Bridge by Bridge).  It was a 3-round, 1500 late war event.  Since I don't own any of the involved allies (I guess I could've faked a sub-competitive Sherman list), I ran Germans.

My list was a StuG Batterie (because they're awesome):

CiC in StuG
3 StuGs
3 StuHs
1 King Tiger
3-Team SS Recce Infantry
Full F/V Fallschirmjager w/ 1 Faust
Sporadic FW 190B

Not having a 2iC (and thus losing Kampfgruppe) was rough in the third game (Dust-Up), but otherwise the list fared pretty well.  Read on for a summary of each game (I'll just discuss highlights) and lots of photos!

Round one found my StuGs attacking John Sulek's gorgeous 82nd Airborne in the village of Mook.  The I-95 folks had these cool fluff pieces for each board. 

Here's the board.  I was attacking from the bottom right to the top left in Breakthrough.  The river basing was all "Polder" the washed-out fields found all around the area during the occupation.  This meant slow going and a bog check.  I placed the objectives in the river next to the grey bridge and in the far corner near the farm building on the left.  There was a rail bridge to the right, but it was clear that I would need to make a drive at that grey bridge quickly.

John's Paras:

Set-up from my corner.

Summary: Basically, John placed his artillery and a short para platoon to my left and his Shermans, full paras and 57s across the river.  I sent my FJ in a flanking attack..

My StuH's sped around his artillery's flank, ignoring his arriving recce jeeps and basically rolled up to the railway in the picture you see below.

StuH's and CiC contemplating their next move:

Meanwhile, my King Tiger advanced right at the Bridge and eventually claimed it, giving me the game.

My FW took out a Sherman:

King Tiger on the move:

Remnants of the StuGs and Leg Recce (in the forest)

John's AWESOME 57mm platoon:

StuGs and King Tiger:

The other funny moment was my FJ coming in, occupying the farmhouse and then assaulting a few para teams on the objective.  Pushing them off this would've likely given me the game much earlier.  3 teams made it through defensive fire, but of course I whiffed.  He then came back at me with a vengeance.  Thankfully I didn't break and went back into hiding in the farmhouse.  

The StuHs and King Tiger won this game, the former by chewing through his artillery and the latter by being nigh invulnerable without the artillery on the board.  John was a great opponent, and the result was a 5-2 win for me (lost the StuGs).

Round 2 was against Bob Everson (eventual champ) in Nijmegen.  This was fun, as I've actually been there.  The board was a rather built-up town with some polder and forests scattered throughout. 

Bob ran the Canadian Infantry list with Kangaroos (turret-less Sherman transports).  It's a pretty ridiculous list, as it plays as Infantry (i.e. I had to attack, in No Retreat), but he gets mechanized transports.  He had 2 Infantry platoons, 2 full Sherman platoons (i.e. 4 Fireflies) and a little carrier Recce platoon.  

I attacked from right to left based on this picture.  My plan was to advance quickly on the objective in the open field, hopefully avoid his Sherman ambush and leverage my armor or an infantry assault to take out his other Shermans before reserves really arrived.  

I committed my Recce to the tree line in the bottom right of the above photo, which in hindsight cost me dearly.  I advanced quickly into the row of houses facing the objective, (FJ hitching a ride on the StuGs and successfully stormtroopering into the houses), but on his turn two, it went south fast.  2 StuHs bogged in the tree line, my StuGs whiffed on his Shermans and the return fire was devastating.  His ambush from the trees at the end of the road in the next photo obliterated my StuHs (the survivor fled) and I lost 2 StuGs as well.

I still had a shot, but my King Tiger refused to hit anyone.  My FJ lined up a decent assault, but failed their tank terror.  My CiC stayed bogged for 3 turns in the tree line and his kangaroos and infantry showed up relatively quickly.  I almost got one Sherman platoon, but didn't, so a 6-1 for Bob.  In hindsight, I should've seen the obvious ambush spot and dedicated a FJ team to screen.  I also should've sent the KT up the middle instead of around the edge, as his flanks would've been protected by the buildings and given him prime LoS onto the objective.

Nevertheless, it was a fun game despite my lack of success, and it was good to get another game in against Bob after the match at Cold Wars (round 2 of that tournament) when the results were the opposite.  

Round 3 had me playing the other StuG Batterie in the tournament (we ended up with 4 more German players than allies, which is the exact opposite of the turnout everyone expected, so there were some Red on Red games).  His StuG Batterie had 2 King Tigers and 4 C/T 88s.  I don't think I got a shot of this board, but basically, there were hills and forests scattered around a long main diagonal road, with 2 houses at opposite ends.  This was really, in all senses, a mirror match, from the board, to the lists (almost) to the fact that our King Tigers both got Rapid Fire for our ace skills.

We played Dust-Up, which was comical.  The first 3 turns took about 10 minutes, as our King Tigers danced around at long range doing nothing.  My StuGs showed up, but I was overly scared of the 88s (long-range + Vet kept me rather safe).  This led to me not racing at them head on and instead trying to flank.  This put them in LoS of his Tigers and some decent rolling cost me my platoon.  His StuGs and StuHs flanked towards my objective through a forest but took their sweet time.  Meanwhile, my SS Recce and StuHs arrived and did what the StuGs should have: drive right at the 88s guarding his objectives behind a large hill that screened them from the rest of the fight.  Even at range, the StuHs made mincemeat of the trained guns, whose return fire did nothing (poor luck to my opponent).  His StuHs kept me from just racing mine onto the objectives, so I first sent up my SS Recce.  He killed them, but exposed his StuHs doing it, leading to this fun scene:

One turn later, my StuHs and King Tiger had taken them out.  It looked like I was going to win!

Meanwhile, his StuGs tried to take my CiC and a few FJ off my far objective.  I was able to fend off his assault, but instead of pursuing his last StuG (who made his platoon check) to the edge of the forest where I could ambush him and hopefully kill him, breaking his company, I stayed back in the forest.  My King Tiger then failed his Stormtrooper roll after waxing the StuHs.  His King Tiger obligingly pumped three shots into my side armor, killing a third platoon, and, with my StuHs on the objective, but with no CiC, I'd lost.  It was a very back and forth game, and turned out to be highly entertaining despite the sillyness of Dust-Up + 2x Armored Companies.  This left me with 9 points (5, 1, 3) and 15th or so place.  Shame I couldn't do any better, but that's the way it goes.  The Allies won a few more games overall, giving them the win.  

The event was great overall, the terrain was top-notch, and the host store was clean and well-stocked.  

His StuGs attack my objective:

FJ and my King Tiger guard the other objective:

The rest of the boards: