Thursday, August 30, 2012

MERCS Demo/Game Night Recap!

Hey Readers,

This is somewhat of a cross-post from this thread on the MERCS forums (      ), which documents a recent MERCS demo/game night I organized at the local store.  It's hopefully the first of a series of posts I'm envisioning on MERCS.  This game is currently worming its way through my brain quite a bit.  I really like the art, the fluff and the system and it really makes me think about both my strategy and in-game tactics.  In-short, the things I tend to not think about when playing casually.  Stay tuned for more:

Just wanted to document the action that took place last night at Dream Wizards in MD.  We had a good turn out for a combination of games and demos.  The Forum's Hunter776 drove down and was a great help in providing an extra brain and set of hands to work with the new players.  Everyone that got a demo was interested in playing what was in effect a full game.  Matchups included ISS-Texico, USCR-CCC and Texico-USCR.  

There were a number of people who wanted to get a demo but already had other plans; I'll get a bit more forward-advertising done ahead to time to make sure they're locked in.  Hopefully we can get a couple more events in before the tournament Dr. Andy is running on 10/7 nearby.

Here are some photos of the games (I'll make sure to have a legitimate camera next time, as this one didn't quite do the job):

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