Monday, March 11, 2013

Cold Wars 2013

Well, Aaron, Paul and I are back from Cold Wars in Lancaster, PA.  We were only there for a day and a half on account of my awesome wife’s awesome chorale concert, but we had a lifetime of fun (or something). 
Aaron and I drove up early Friday, encountering little traffic and arriving with plenty of time to spare before our team tournament, despite somehow winding up on the far side of the hotel’s golf course. 

We grabbed our badges, linked up with Paul, checked into our room and headed out for the Flames of War Doubles tournament (see next post for full recap).

Suffice to say, the tournament was a blast.  We followed that up by playing some Zombiecide and Lords of Waterdeep.  The next day, we hit the Flea Market with a load of stuff to sell.  I was able to move a lot of the surplus from Historicon.  Of course all of the proceeds were immediately reinvested in the hobby. 

All-in-all, I ended up with a mid-war Tiger, some Pak50s, a late-war Brummbar, some more Splintered Light Goblins (15mm Fantasy is on the front burner), some Space Samurai and Space Pals (15mm Jedi and Smugglers/Bounty Hunters), and probably most excitingly, some excellent Bocage and trenchlines made by Luke and Jon from WWPD.  The 10ft of Bocage fits nicely into some boxes I picked up from Target, and the trenches were a fantastic deal.  I can see myself buying more and making a full-scale fortified battlefield (or at least half-fortified). 

From there, Aaron and I rolled out and made it home with time to spare before the concert. 
Successful trip!

Up next: tournament recap.

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