Friday, May 10, 2013

Mighty Armies!

Last year at Historicon we all jumped into 15mm Fantasy pretty heavily.  I picked up goblins, one friend got Dark Elves, and another Leonines.  Most of the figs we've assembled come from Rebel Minis and Splintered Light.

Well, it's been nearly a year and we finally all got enough figs put together or somewhat painted to play a game.

We ran a three-way brawl, with last-stand-standing winning.

My 40 pt list was something like:
6 Light Infantry with 'Fast'
3 Light Cav with 'Mobile'
3 Light Archers

My opponents had a mix of cavalry and heavy infantry, and even a witch.

Scorpio should have a post with better photos up soon (EDIT: and here it is, but in the mean time, crappy phone photos!

Archers and the General moving around one flank towards the Leonines

Leonine Heavy Cavalry making their way toward my lines

The same group from my side

The game itself was a blast.  My cavalry quickly found themselves overextended and turned into kittie litter.  The Leonines eventually took that high hill, and paid for it via the Dark Elves' attention.  My remaining troops engaged some Dark Elf infantry and even managed a stunning upset, routing a couple of stands and killing his witch.  In the end, my General, who'd been hanging out with the archers, eventually made his way to the fight and proceed to butcher the surviving enemy stands.  

It's a solid, fun set of rules that gets your figs running around and killing each other in no time flat.

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