Thursday, August 1, 2013

WWPD Overlord Game - 29th ID Surrounded!

Hello everyone.

I finally got around to playing a game for WWPD's Overlord Campaign against Aaron.  I took the unstoppable 29th ID Rifle Company against his dastardly Gepanzerte Panzergrenadiers.

My list was something like:
HQ with Bazookas
2x Full Rifles, 1 pioneer with Flamethrowers
1x Short Rifle
Full Mortars
5 Shermans
Towed TDs
Full Engineer Combat Platoon
Cav Recce
3 Priests
Limited Air

The Panzergrenadiers were:
2x Full Gepanzerte Panzergrens
3x AA Trucks
4x SS Tigers
(That's it!)

We rolled up Surrounded, clearly representing a company from the 29th who'd pressed forward into a salient in the push on St. Lo, becoming cut off.

I deployed in the center as directed, dropping a full platoon on each objective, along with the engineers on one.  The other objective was supported by the Shermans, while the artillery park was in the wheat along one edge on the board.  The third rifle platoon was held back a bit in reserve.

The board

Recce Move!

After taking my recce moves, Aaron rolled out over a couple of turns, as I dug in and held tight.

 Getting closer!

Eventually, the Tigers came to grips with my engineers, assaulting them back towards the objective.

Prepping the assault.

The aftermath

Meanwhile, his AA moved on my other objective, but were swiftly dealt with by the Shermans.


Recognizing that the Gemans were going for broke on the far objective, so I moved to commit my Shermans and reserve platoon to the fight.

This seemed like a good plan, until the Tigers zeroed in and smoked all four of the tanks on the hedgerow in one round.  Yay!

Moving along in the report, the Germans needed to now push another rifle platoon off to secure the objective.  As the Tigers rumbled in, I was able to bail one with defensive fire.  The assault then decisively turned my way, somehow, popping 2 more Tigers.  Nevertheless, I was still off the objective and had 1 turn to break his company.

Can Openers at work.

Thankfully, my Priests had finally moved into position and their Breakthrough Guns went to work, breaking the PzG platoon in the wheat above.  The mortars and rifle platoon managed to (BARELY) break the other PzG platoon.  Aaron's CiC tried to hold them steady, but he ran as well, giving me the game.

It was close -- 4-3 29th.  

Aaron's luck was pretty bad, especially in that Tiger assault.  Surrounded is a fun scenario overall, but can definitely have some lulls.  The one thing I really hated was my use of the Towed TDs.  I think, in this scenario, you really need to put them on the board immediately; the opponent can get within 16" far too quickly.  My TDs never even saw the board.

See you next time!

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