Monday, April 1, 2013

Cross-Post: Nova Cisterna

Check out Scorpio's excellent post on our Gruntz recreation of the WW2 Battle of Cisterna, in which apparently some 6-700+ Rangers were captured or killed over a few hours (link at the end).  This was part of the battle of Anzio and jumped out at me as an interesting scenario as I read a couple of books on the larger battle.  These Rangers infiltrated behind enemy lines via a drainage ditch at night for like 4 hours, only to emerge completely and unexpectedly surrounded.  The fact that they were able to inflict the damage they did was impressive.  Our battle actually mirrored the real battle pretty well.  Gruntz, as always, is a fun, flexible system.  I need to get more 15mm Sci-Fi painted (i.e. Colonial Marines, Aliens and Predators).

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